Tools > PG3NMV/C039-L070
Pliers for MV cable outer sheath
Technical sheet
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/ Use
The PG3NMV/C039-L070 pliers enable the user to make a circular and longitudinal cut in order to remove the cable's outer sheath.
Its configuration can be modified in order to put both left and right-handed users in the best possible position to perform the sheath removal. Moreover, the handles have been redesigned for greater comfort and ergonomics.
All cutting depth ranging from 0 to 197 mils are available on demand.
/ Technical specifications
Penta Bulletpoint Cable tools : Cable tools
Penta Bulletpoint Operating voltage (V) : HTA (1 000 V to 50 000 V)
Penta Bulletpoint Max diameter (mm) : 52
Penta Bulletpoint Mini diameter (mm) : 26
Penta Bulletpoint Lenght (mm) : 265
Penta Bulletpoint Width (mm) : 95
Penta Bulletpoint Height (mm) : 80
Penta Bulletpoint Weight (g) : 600
Penta Bulletpoint Packaging : Carton box