Padlock > CS-KA#-x-M438
Lockout padlock with interchangeable shackle - keyed alike
Technical sheet
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/ Use

For lockout procedure following the 5 lockout-tagout steps.

Key system : keyed alike

With numbered key system, and tracking. Only a key with a number identical to the padlock allows its opening. The same key can open a set of padlocks with the same number, thus simplifying the management of keys on a site.
/ Technical specifications

• Non-metallic body padlock, with the possibility of 9 interchangeable shackles, to be chosen when ordering,

• Shackles available in 2 materials: metal or composite, in 2 heights: 38 or 76 mm, and in 3 diameters: 4.5 mm or 6 mm or 1 mm sheathed cable shackle.

• Key system : keyed alike, only a key with a number identical to the padlock allows its opening.

• 8 colours available.

• Padlock dimensions without shackle : 54 x 46 x 21 mm

• Padlock weight without shackle and key : 80 g

• Delivered with a mounted shackle (of your choice) + 1 key + 1 set of lockout tags in 6 languages (abrasion and UV resistant) + 1 instruction manual.

• Interchangeable shackle system

This exclusive feature allows the quick adaptation of the shackle to the installation to lock out without needing to change the padlock.

We offer 7 different shackles that adapt to all our padlocks:

- Height 36 or 72 mm

- Metal or composite material

- 4.5 mm or 6 mm diameter or ultra-thin Ø 1 mm cable

• High security keys

- Keys combining punches and grooves to high security levels

- Over 1.000.000 possible blade profile variations

- Captive key system: it is impossible to remove the key if the padlock is not locked

- Automatic return cylinder