Tools > MS85P
1000V Insulated reversible ratchet spanner 3/8'' with mechanical locking
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
EN 60900 / IEC 60900 / ISO 1174-1 / ISO 3315
/ Use

To facilitate the tightening of connectors on overhead or underground service lines

/ Technical specifications
72-tooth mechanism for 5° angle recovery.
Flange for overlapping with the socket or extension lead to ensure optimum electrical protection
Hole at the end of the handle for attachment, ideal for work at height.
Interchangeability between accessories (sockets, extensions, etc.) from different manufacturers.

• Special design so that sockets and extensions remain attached to the ratchet during use.
• The design of the reversing knob avoids shocks and has a large grip for easy operation.
• The ball in the square drive is specially designed to withstand a pull of 500 Newtons (=50 kg).