Tools > RL1-36-12X150
1000V Insulated Rotoline nut driver
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
EN 60900 / IEC 60900 / ISO 691
/ Use
Products intended for screwing and unscrewing the most inaccessible nuts, they allow the passage of nuts with a protruding threaded rod.
/ Technical specifications
Perfectly smooth rear hinge for comfort in intensive use.
Choice between 2 types of handles:
RL1 = Ergonomic handle for comfort and powerful tightening.
RL2 = RL1 + in addition the end of the handle is rotatable for help in approach tightening, and to limit wear or damage due to friction with the insulating glove.
RL3 = RL1+RL2 + in addition a blocking system of the rotating handle end allows to obtain automatically a monobloc handle for an optimal transmission of the tightening torque.