Tools > IS77-IS78
Insulated knife with long blade
Technical sheet
/ Standards
EN 60900 / IEC 60900
/ Use

Overhead and underground networks, indoor electrical installations.

Sharpening is recommended using sharpener A02.

/ Technical specifications

Stainless steel blade, insulation by injection.

The blade insulation is locked by 6 fixing points to ensure that both blade and insulation stay in place during the stripping operation.

Weighted handle for a good balance and to avoid the tool falling on the blade.

Slit on the guard to guide the tool during longitudinal cut.

Delivered in a soft case.

Product reference Length (mm) Longueur lame (mm) Description Blade type Technical sheet Quantity
IS77 180 62 Couteau isolé lame longue épaisse épaisse
Pulse 32 Darkbg
IS78 175 64 Couteau isolé lame longue fine fine
Pulse 32 Darkbg