Tools > MC13H-XL
1000V Hybrid long bent nose pliers
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
EN 60900 / IEC 60900 / FT BT 403
/ Use
These pliers are particularly suitable for low voltage live working in confined spaces where the risk of a short-circuit can have serious consequences for people and installations.
/ Technical specifications
Bi-material handle allowing a good grip and ease of handling, without risk of damage to the gloves.
Arm profile allowing the transmission of important effort with ease = control of the gesture.
Hanging system, ideal for work at height.
Ergonomic use with insulating gloves.
Composite material = lightness.

• Hybrid tool = minimises the risk of short circuits, no conductive material is accessible.

• Head gripping surface with soft ribbing (to not damage the cables).

• Only the cutting edges, made of conductive material, are accessible.

• 2 handle sizes available:

- L : compact - standard pliers length

- XL : + 20 mm = Force transmission gain ~ +10%.