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MS4 Lineman
1000V Insulated lineman universal pliers
Technical sheet
/ Standards
EN 60900 / IEC 60900 / ISO 5743 / ISO 5744 / ISO 5746
/ Use
These solid pliers for extreme heavyduty use are part of the indispensable kit used by US linemen.
/ Technical specifications
Induction forge treatment of the cutting edges, giving jaws a long life.
Edge hardness: 60 HRC.
Chrome finish for high anticorrosion protection thanks to a series of 5 baths.
Lug crimping point under the axis of the tool.

• Insulating reinforcements at the ends of arms for protection from impacts.

• Gripping surface with soft ribbing (to not damage the cables). • High-performance chromium-vanadium steel.

• Arm profile that allows strong leverage and easier cutting

• Cross-groove gripping surfaces of jaws for a powerful grip and effective hold.

Technical sheet Quantity
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