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1000V Insulated double slip-joint adjustable pliers
Technical sheet
/ Standards
EN 60900 / IEC 60900 / ISO 8976 / ISO 5744
/ Use
Double lay-on slip joint pliers, no risk of upsetting and increased jaw reliability time.
Rugged shape with a curved head and slimline profile, for good reach in narrow spaces.
Self-locking on tubes and nuts for safe and effortless working.
/ Technical specifications

Double rack : 7 positions.
Operates from 5 to 36 mm.
Browned steel finish for high anticorrosion protection thanks to a series of 5 baths.
Inner jaws hardness : 60 HRC for better wear resistance.

Model MS27VM: with push button to lock/unlock the adjustment. One-handed adjustment possible.

• Insulating reinforcements at the ends of arms for protection from impacts.
• High-performance chromium-vanadium steel.
• Designed for power and tight fastening.
• Protective pin to avoid pinching
Product reference Ouv. mors // Nb de positions Technical sheet Quantity
MS27 250 28 mm 7
Pulse 32 Darkbg
MS27R 250 28 mm 7
Pulse 32 Darkbg
MS27VM 60 mm 9
Pulse 32 Darkbg