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Duck Bill clamp (Spring pre-positioning clamps)
Technical sheet
/ Standards
IEC 61230
/ Use

For short-circuiting and earthing bare overhead lines from the post.

/ Technical specifications

Clamping range on line conductor 3 to 32 mm.

Maximum allowable short-circuit current: 25 kA/1s

The clamp can be fitted with an attachment rod for one or two other phase clamps.

This attachment rod can take a TFK type connection with DIN lugs with a 10 mm stud hole.

Made to measure short-circuiting and earthing equipment available on request.


Lightweight, compact clamp fitted with a spring enabling it to be pre-positioned on the conductor so that it stays in place even before the clamp is screwed tight.

Product reference Weight (g) Dimensions (mm) Description Technical sheet Quantity
DBC332AN 700 38 x 150 x 230 Pince avec embout AN (anse)
Pulse 32 Darkbg
DBC332B 760 38 x 150 x 220 Pince avec embout B (baïonnette type VDE)
Pulse 32 Darkbg
DBC332CR 600 38 x 150 x 170 Pince avec embout CR (anneau pour perche à crochet)
Pulse 32 Darkbg
DBC332HE 840 38 x 150 x 230 Pince avec embout HE (hexagonal de 26 mm)
Pulse 32 Darkbg
DBC332xx1 - - Duckbill clamp with an attachment rod for 1 other phase clamp
Pulse 32 Darkbg
DBC332xx2 - - Duckbill clamp with an attachment rod for 2 other phase clamps
Pulse 32 Darkbg