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Earthing and short-circuit equipment for overhead lines
Technical sheet
/ Standards
IEC 61230
/ Use

The earthing and short-circuiting device EY322NG is designed for bare MV overhead lines with 3 cables.

Installation from the pylon or from the ground.

Clamps MT330N from the device are spring clip with prior armament allowing its automatic clamping on the conductor.

They are made of a body and a mobile jaw in aluminum alloy.

The plate PEY3AP in aluminium can support the 3 clamps MT330N. It is equipped with an APV fitting to be fixed to an insulating stick and a hook for removing the clamps.

/ Technical specifications

Spring-loaded clamps for overhead lines for 3 to 32 mm conductor diameters.

Max Isc : 8 kA/1s or 13 kA/1s according to model.

The device includes :

- 3 clamps MT330N connected by 2 short-circuiting cables,

- 2 short-circuiting copper cables, cross-section 35 mm² or 50 mm², length 2.25 m or 2.75 m

- 1 reel for earthing cable (T7021616) equipped with earthing clamp for earthing rod and with earthing copper cable, cross-section 16 mm², length 16 m,

- 1 plate PEY3AP for 3 clamps equipped with an APV fitting and a hook,

- 1 hexagonal earthing rod, ref.701, length 1 m,

- 1 insulating stick TR276APV

The set is delivered in :

- 1 metal case TD386

- 1 waterproof canvas soft case HTR11100 containing the stick and the earth rod


- Lightweight

- Fast and easy to use

- Wide clamping capacity : Ø 3 to 32 mm