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Earthing to post for Overhead Lines
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
IEC 61230
/ Use

Three-phase (or more) device for short-circuiting and earthing bare overhead lines, with an allowable short-circuit current of 8 kA/1 s to 17.5kA/1s.

Function : earthing for overhead lines with 2 to 5 conductors.

/ Technical specifications

The device is composed of :

- 3 clamps GDC24

- 3 short-circuiting cables

- 1 earthing cable

- 1 earthing clamp

According to models, the device can also be equipped with an insulating stick with soft cover, an earthing rod and a transport case.

Standard models :

Short-circuit cables : 35 mm², 2.75 m

Earth cable : 16 mm² , 16 m

Clamp holder GDC24 equipped with a universal end fitting. This allows the angle to be adjusted, facilitating installation from the pole.

Isc : 8 kA/1s

The short-circuit cable can be aluminium instead of copper (please enquire).


• The stackable or "piggy-back" design of the GDC325 removes the need for bulky standard clamp holders and can accommodate 2, 3, 4 or 5 clamps. Weight of one line clamp: 0.560 kg

• Ergonomics: all the clamps are in line, making it easier to adjust the position of the device on the cable.

• Patented clamp locking system : only the top clamp can be activated. The clamps are automatically released as soon as they are locked onto the conductor. This allows earthing to be done in the right sequence with no risk of error.

• The upper surface of the clamp nose is lined up with the jaw of the clamp above it. Each clamp facilitates the installation of the next clamp up on the cable.

• The clamps are retrieved using the removal hook fixed onto the clamp holder adapter.