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Short-circuiting and earthing device for substations with plug-in type bushings
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
IEC 61230
/ Use

Earthing and short-circuiting device for 250 amp sockets ref. DMTPC250 and 400 amp

consisting of:

• 1 trifurcation with 3 x 70 mm² short-circuiting cables, length 0,8 m and 1 earthing cable, length 2 m, ref. T70008C35020C

• 3 x 250A or 400A earth studs with their locking system (metal stirrup)

• 3 lockout-tagout padlocks

• an earth clamp ref. NB8

The kit is delivered in a carrying bag.

Set of 3 insulating rest studs and its padlock lockout system. Allows the cable disconnected from the transformer to be re-energised:

• for 250A - 24kV sockets ref. PRPC250

• for 400A - 24kV sockets ref. PRPC400

400A - 24kV lockout-tagout system with 3 insulating caps, and its padlock lockout system : ref. DCPC400

/ Technical specifications

Isc Max : 12,5 kA/1s