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Reel equipped with an earth clamp
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
IEC 61230
/ Use

The reel is used to store the earthing cable. The earthing clamp permanently mounted on the reel makes the connection between the cable and the earthing rod (type 701 or PTT130).

This reel is mounted on complete earthing and short-circuiting devices EY322 and AUTOCLAM.

/ Technical specifications

Made of steel treated against corrosion.

T702 : standard empty reel (without cable).

Can store up to 16 m of 25 mm² cable.

Weight :1,8 kg

T702G : large reel (without cable).

Can store up to 25 m of 16 mm² cable or 16 m of 35 mm² cable.

Weight : 2,5 kg