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LV Short-circuiting and Earthing Device for panel boards and cabinets
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
DIN EN 61230 / IEC 61230 CEI 61138 VDE 0683-100 VDE 0105-100
/ Use

Portable and rigid device for short-circuiting and earthing a panel board or cabinet in a LV network, compliant to IEC/EN 60947-3 standard, and equipped with three dummy fuses NH123.

/ Technical specifications

Maximal short-circuit current : 16 kA/1s.

Busbar distance : 185 mm

The device is fully insulated.

The three dummy fuses are connected by a rigid and conductive metal plate.

The device is equipped with an earth cable, equipped with an insulated earth clamp. The flexible handle of the clamp allows it to be tighten on bars up to 25mm thick. Length and section of earth cable on demand.

Delivered in its protection and transportation bag (ref : HOUDMTBTTR)


Resists to currents up to 16kA/1s, traditional devices do not support more than 7kA/1s.

Easy to install in 2 operations : fixing of the earth clamp and introduction of the device in the cabinet. Traditional devices usually require 16 operations.

Single piece rigid equipment, and safe (visual indication)