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Earthing and short-circuiting equipment for bare LV overhead lines
Technical sheet
/ Standards
IEC 61230
/ Use

Device for short-circuiting and if necessary earthing bare LV overhead lines.

/ Technical specifications

For bare conductors, Ø 3 to 18 mm.

Max. Isc: 3 kA/1s


• 3 to 6 light alloy spring clamps on 0.40 m insulating sticks.

• 1 spring clamp for use with operating stick.

• 1 set of extra flexible copper jumper cables, 16 mm², 0.70 m in bypass connection, with one connection to the earth cable with a type N quick bayonet connector.

• 1 telescopic fibreglass insulating stick, 2 m.

• 1 storage cover.