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Temporary short-circuiting and earthing device, installed from the ground, for LV flag-type lines
Technical sheet
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/ Use

The DMCCTBTARFR device is designed for short-circuiting and earthing low voltage flag-type lines, with 5 or 6 conductors (1 neutral, 3 phases, 1 or 2 Public Lighting). It is manipulated from the ground with a telescopic insulating stick. The installation of the device must be done just after the no-voltage checking.

The DMCCTBTARFR device is composed of 2 sticks made of aluminium, on which are mounted the conductive aluminium U-profiles, equipped with 4 clamps. The first stick puts the 3 phases and the neutral in short-circuit, and the second the public lighting, by connecting itself to the last phases, beforehand short-circuited with the neutral. All the device can be earthed by a copper cable, linked to the first conductive stick.

These 2 conductive sticks are fitted on the insulated stick by a U/Tulip tool. Then, the insulating stick can be used for any operation once the line is correctly earthed.

The 6 conductors of the line can be short-circuited in only 2 operations.

/ Technical specifications

• Max Isc = 6 kA/1s

• Capacity of the clamps : from Ø 3 mm to 24 mm.

• Distance between clamps : 350 mm

• Ground cable : Optional

• Device length : Phases stick : 1,44 m

• Tube : aluminium Ø28 mm

• Fitting on insulating stick : Tulip

The device is composed of :

- 2 conducting sticks (1,66 kg)

- 1 U/Tulip tool (0,38 kg)

- 1 telescopic insulating stick

- 1 transportation bag for the described device

Optional :

Earthing kit : cable, NB8 device, and earth rod.