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Intermediate earthing stick for connections at great height, max Isc 31,5 kA/1s
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
IEC 61230
/ Use

Intermediate sticks for connections at heights are used to relieve the operator by bringing the earthing point 3 or 4 metres lower, which facilitates the various operations:

• checking for the absence of the nominal voltage,

• placing and clamping the aluminium stick on the conductor using the insulating stick,

• releasing the operating stick,

• placing the flexible earthing device between the earthing point and the earth bar,

• repeating the operation for each phase,

• carrying out the same operation in reverse order for removal.

The CHC31 conductor pole must be installed using:

• either specific CHI31 type dedicated insulating stick

• or an RTTE type insulating stick equipped with an ERTTECH end fitting

These sticks are made of IEC 60855 type foam-filled tubes, colour orange.

It is strongly recommended that they be checked regularly.

/ Technical specifications

Aluminium tube Ø 31/35, cross-section 207 mm², with a special light alloy contact clamp with an

elastic conductor clamping system fitted at the top.

• Clamping ranges Ø 10 to 60 mm, Ø 20 to 120 mm, Ø 70 to 120 mm or 120 to 220 mm (depending on head type).

• The electrical contact between the line clamp and the conductor stick is made directly between the clamp and the aluminium tube as well as by 2 tin-plated copper flexible braids.

The clamp is tightened on the conductor using the lower insulated section, with the male end fitting engaged in the female end fitting.

• The bottom of the Ø 35 tube includes two Ø 30 aluminium earth studs designed to take earth clamps, type S540, S1560 for example.