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Earthing from the ground with insulating rope
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
IEC 61230
/ Use

Attachment/detachment of this clamp is done from the ground using an insulating rope previously passed over the conductor.

The clamp is raided on the conductor by pulling the 1st rope. The clamp is detached by pulling the 2nd rope.

Passing the rope over the conductor can be done by :

- Using an insulating stick equipped with the adapter for reel holder PBU with the insulating reel

- Using the MAGICROU fastening device

/ Technical specifications

Connection to TFK earthing cable with cable lugs with stud hole diameter of 12 mm.

Clamping capacity : Ø 10 to 50 mm

Insulating rope (IEC 62192).

Earthing at great height from the ground.