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LED headlamp (1 or 2 LEDs)
Technical sheet
Pulse 32 Darkbg
/ Standards
ANSI FL1 / IEC 62471
/ Use
Headlamp with 1 or 2 LEDs, which offers a homogeneous and panoramic light, 90° upwards and 90° downwards .
/ Technical specifications

Wide and uniform beam with 2 or 3 light levels.

Shock-proof and equipped with an anti-ignition device with on/off locking.

Resistant to hydrocarbon splashes and corrosive liquids.

Protection: IP 54, weatherproof (rain, snow...) and dustproof. (rain, snow...) and dust.

Adjustable, hypoallergenic elastic headband.

Supplied with 3 round Alkaline batteries LR03AAA 1.5 V.

Delivered with 4 hooks to fix the headband to fix the headband on the helmets.

Made in France.

• Versatility: easily clips onto E-Shark or other helmets equipped with a plate ref. CASADH, on a pocket or on any pocket or on any flat surface.
• Practical: it can be oriented vertically 180° thanks to a precise adjustment by notch.
• Safety: electronic protection of the LEDs (if polarity is reversed).