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Wall-mounted rescue kit - 25 kV
Technical sheet
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/ Use

Quick access wall-mounted rescue kit for intervention to rescue a victim in the event of an incident on or near a 25 kV electrical installation (also available in low voltage and 36 kV versions).

Indoor or outdoor use.

The storage unit can be sold empty, with or without tray to form a shelf, without components to accommodate other products and protect them from external aggressions.

An optional add-on unit is available to increase the storage space, which can be modulated thanks to the optional removable trays. It can in particular store a set of MV fuses horizontally.

/ Technical specifications

• Weatherproof plastic case, resistant to weather, dust, splashes and marine spray (IP54).
• UV-resistant transparent door with locking handle that can accommodate a seal or padlock (max. Ø 4.8 mm shackle).
• Equipment mounting insert optimized for efficient storage and quick response.
• Wall mounting kit included.

Contents of the complete PS2-25kV wall-mounted rescue kit :

- 1 pair of lve working safety boots 20 kV size 45 (TB19-45)
- 1 pair of latex insulating gloves class 3 size 10 (GLB3-36-10)
- 1 protective bag for insulating gloves (TS10)
- 1 bottle of talcum powder (TS10T)
- 1 non-contact voltage detector (UNITAGUFE)
- 1 telescopic insulating stick (PPOLF2/011APV)
- 1 rescue hook for insulating pole (CSVES)
- 1 insulating stool 36 kV (TT015M36KV)
- 1 boundary tape (S174JN)
- 1 set of 2 adhesive posters on the door : identification of the model and instructions in case of facing an electrical accident

Optional accessories (can be ordered individually) :

- Small adaptable storage unit, allowing in particular to store a set of MV fuses horizontally
- Removable trays for organizing storage space


• Rapid response to a victim facing an electrical accident.

• Transparent, UV-resistant door makes it easy to see all components from the outside.
• Storage and protection of components from dust, sea spray and splashes for outdoor use, weatherproof (IP54).
• Lockable case to prevent the borrowing of material.
• Great modularity, and possibility of adaptation according to needs (optional additional unit and possibility to organize the storage space with removable trays).