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Telescopic insulating measuring stick
Technical sheet
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/ Use

The Penta-Pole measuring stick has measurement graduations (in mm) on each section allowing to easily measure any heights range from 3 m to 12 m.

Designed to be used on Middle Voltage overhead networks ( nominal voltage lower than 123 kV).

/ Technical specifications

Telescopic insulating stick composed of :

• 5 to 8 pentagonal shaped tubes compliant with standards IEC 62193 and ASTM F1826, each section has a measurement graduation in millimetre

• 1 foam cored upper tube, 28 mm in diameter, compliant with standards IEC 608551 and ASTM F711

• 1 base to protect the end of the stick

• 1 universal end fitting to fix multiple accessories and adapters


• Ergonomically designed grip thanks to its pentagonal shape that fits the palm of the hand

• The pentagonal shape prevents the tubes rotating on each other

• Very lightweight stick : requires less effort during use

• Very good rigidity providing optimal control during your operations

• The sections are locked together automatically when the stick is extended by a large and very robust red button. Unlocking to retract the stick simply involves pressing the button, with no risk of trapping finger or gloves in the mechanism