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Reinforced insulating telescopic stick 2,36 m
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
IEC 60855-1 / IEC 6213 ASTM F 1826 / ASTM F711
/ Use

The insulating telescopic stick achieves great heights up to 35'3'' (10,7 m) while maintaining a compact folded maximum length 5'9'' (1,76 m).

The stick is constituted of 3 to 8 elements, which can be adapted to all configurations of use.

They can be used in a wide temperature range (-25 à 55°C), indoors oroutdoors.

These insulating sticks give multipleapplication as:

• Installation and removal : lifeline, hook measuring, cleaning drivers

• Proving dead with voltage detector

• Pruning

• Conductive cable lifting (special transport)

• Grounding of distribution networks from the ground by vertical lifting

This reinforced version provides even greater rigidity, allowing more precise movement and supporting heavy manoeuvring loads.

/ Technical specifications

• Composition:

- 4 to 7 Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) yellow tubes complying withIEC 61235/S standard1

- Ø 32 mm, terminal element (¼'') Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)on polyurethane stiff foam complying with IEC 60855-1 standard, Color Fluorescent yellow for better visibility

• End fitting: Universal (U), Hexagonal (APV) ou Bayonet (B)


• Round terminal tube IEC 60855-1 / ASTM F711

The terminal tube is a round tube built on a rigid, waterproof polyurethane foam.

• Weight / Stiffness

Each stick's tubes were made in order to optimized its modulus of elasticity and also their weight.

• Shape

By its unique shape, curved pentagonal brings a feeling of exceptional taking in hand while remaining close to a cylindrical shape commonly used for poles.

Moreover, this form is used to transmit important torque efforts torsion during operation requiring an action of tightening or loosening.

• Lock button

The locking elements is provided automatically when deploying the pole by a wide sturdy bi-material button. Unlocking and folding is achieved by a simple action on the button.