Pole > PTUM18X700
Compact telescopic insulating stick for light work
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
IEC 60855-1 / IEC 61235-S
/ Use

Can be used for all work at great heights in a high voltage environment:

• installation or removal (life lines, measuring hooks, etc.)

• operation by pulling or compression (disconnector)

• tree pruning

• conductor lifting (passage of large vehicles)

• checking for absence of nominal voltage (NB: the all-weather operating voltage is given with the last fully extended section)

• all work not involving high mechanical loads

/ Technical specifications

Folding telescopic insulating stick made up of connectable sections and equipped with lever connections to lock it at the required length.

The folded length is the same for all the main references: 1.8 m

The fully extended length varies from one reference to another, with the addition of extra lower sections.

Used for large-scale work at heights, but remains very compact when retracted, allowing direct vertical extension and easy transport and storage.

IMPORTANT: These sticks are not suitable for tightening and releasing.