Pole > PSE200
Special heavy duty connectable insulating sticks made of ø 39 mm tube
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
EN 50508 / IEC 60855-1
/ Use

Earthing on high and very high voltage lines and substations,

All work involving high mechanical loads.

/ Technical specifications

• Fibreglass composite tube, Ø 39 mm, polyurethane foam-filled, compliant with IEC 60855 (series tested against penetration of humidity).

• Longitudinal dielectric strength 100 kV/30 cm guaranteed in humid atmosphere.

• Screw connectors ref. S46, light alloy with brake and protective sleeve.

• Elastomer hand guard marks the gripping zone.

• Ribbed non-slip shaft. Lgth. and references to order: see table.


The PRE stick made up of several sections always has:

- a basic PFE section

- one or more PSE upper sections

- an S46 end adapter suited to the clamp to be handled (see PRE stick adapter connection).

Fixed end fitting :

Ring (AN) and hexagon (HE) fittings can be permanently mounted on the end section: please specify when ordering.