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Insulating sticks
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
EN 50508 / IEC 60855-1
/ Use

For no-voltage testing from 20 kV to 400 kV in all weathers.

Also suitable for earthing, disconnector operation...

/ Technical specifications

Foam-filled fibreglass composite tube, IEC 60855-1, Ø 39 and 32 mm (end section).

Dielectric strength 100 kV/30 cm after wet conditioning.

Neoprene protective skirts.

Rubber hand guard marking the limit of where to place the hands.

Shaft covered with non-slip sheath.

RTTE sticks can be supplied off the shelf with these end fittings:

- U : notched universal end fitting.

- APV : multi-purpose, 12 mm 6-sided with automatic locking.

- B : bayonet end fitting.

- EAF : multi-purpose, 21 mm 6-sided.


Quick insulated slot-in connectors.

The sticks can only be used once the 3 sections have been fitted together, which ensures the safety distances (MAD) are respected when carrying out no-voltage testing.

The slot-in connection system makes the sticks extremely rigid and also enables them to be used for earthing.