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TL20 - TL21
Wrap-around safety glasses
Technical sheet
/ Standards
EN 166 / EN 170
/ Use
Protection of the eyes against low energy impacts (45m/sec).
/ Technical specifications

Lens : anti-scratch and impact resistant PC, antistatic and anti-fogging, anti-UV and chemical resistant.

Adjustable sidearms in length and height with comfort tips.

Soft nose pad can be adjusted for a personalised comfort fit.

Impact resistance : 6 mm ball at 45 m/sec.

Light transmittance : 99.5% UV absoption up to 370 nM.

Visible light transmittance : above 95%.


Sportive design

Perfect fit for high user comfort and acceptance

Adjustable soft nose pads

Wrap-around design for good protection from all sides

Product reference Lens color Use Description Technical sheet Quantity
TL20 Clear Inside Lunettes de protection enveloppantes anti-UV incolores
Pulse 32 Darkbg
TL21 Grey Outside Lunettes de protection enveloppantes anti-UV, teinte solaire
Pulse 32 Darkbg