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Harness for linemen with moving belt 180° and automatic buckles
Technical sheet
/ Standards
EN 361 / EN 358
/ Use
Recommended for linemen.
/ Technical specifications

Harness with three anchorage points (2 back and 1 front) with :

- A 180° rotation work positioning belt with 2 lateral attachment points

- A first back anchorage point settled by metal D-ring and a second one by webbing lanyard

- Front anchorage point by 2 webbing buckles to link.

- A sit strap linked to leg loops

- Belt and leg loops adjustment and fastening by automatic metal buckles.

- Shoulder straps adjustment by metal buckles

- Chest strap adjustment and fastening by automatic plastic buckles (automatic aluminium buckles for models H1AS)

- 4 accessory plastic loops integrated to belt.

- A label holder on the back

Polyamide/polyester straps.

Metal buckles in zinc plated steel.


Shoulder straps made from elastic webbing.

Moving belt 180°

Automatic buckles with lock indicator.

Product reference Taille Poids (kg) Description Technical sheet Quantity
H1AGT XXL 2.100 Harnais monteur réseau, boucles automatiques, taille XXL
Pulse 32 Darkbg
H1ATM M-XL 2.020 Harnais monteur réseau, boucles automatiques taille M-XL
Pulse 32 Darkbg