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High strenght cable protector
Technical sheet
/ Standards
Fire class : UL 94 HB as standard in all versions. UL94 V2, V1 or V0 upon request.
/ Use

We offer the choice between three temperature classes precisely suited for the climate conditions of the installation site : temperate, desert and polar.

/ Technical specifications

- 4 slots for cables or pipes up to diam. 40 mm

- 2 large slots for cables or pipes up to diam. 90 mm

- High resistance to mechanical stress (tank transporters, tanker lorries up to 44 tonnes)

- Adapted to extreme temperatures depending on specific needs

- High UV resistance

- Adaptable to all types of terrain, including uneven ground

- Low profile: 120 mm

- Ground anchoring hole for long temporary work

- Removable cover for easy maintenance

- Retro-reflective devices (optional)

- Carry handle for easy transport

- Customisation on request (logo, colour)


High strength : Mechanical resistance much higher than maximum permitted loads

High temperature resistance up to 60° ambient temperature