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Hybrid reel-tester of continuity Wheel-e
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
IEC 61010-031
/ Use

Testing and measuring the continuity of protective conductors and equipotential bonding.

In accordance with standard NF C 15-100, Wheel-e makes it possible to make sure that the resistance measured between all frames and equipotential bonding is below 2 Ohms (1 Ohm for model W2-10H1301235).

Because it is worn at the belt, Wheel-e is particularly suited to inspecting large buildings, industrial facilities and offices

/ Technical specifications


• 600V~ CAT III

• 300V~ CAT III

• Compliant with EN 61010-1

• IP2X

• Class 2

• Voltage alert

• Replaceable 0.5A fuse

• Double-sleeved 1mm² PVC cable

• Protection inspected by an accredited outside laboratory in France (LCIE)


• Automatic polarity inversion (complies with EN 61557-4)

• Measurement range 0.000 to 20.00 (resolution 0.010)

• Intensity 200mA direct current (complies with EN 61557-4)

• Voltage from 4V to 6V (complies with EN 61557-4)

• Supplied with verification certificate

• Precision ±10% ±0.02 from 0.50 to 2.00.

• 2-ohm threshold (compliant with the French practical guide UTE C 15-105) / 1 Ohm for model W2-10H1301235

• Works on electrical installations energized or not.

Supplied complete with belt.

Starting up kit supplied (coiled lead, crocodile clamp, tip and adapter). Cells supplied.

Accessory not supplied : Telescopic rod PERCHTELE


- Worn at the belt to free the operator's hands

- Integrated reel for unhindered movement in the inspected premises

- Original display system (red or blue depending on the quality of continuity) doubled by an audio signal

- Single button for all functions

- 30m cable length to reach conductors that are very far away from the equipotential reference