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Ultrasonic corona/arcing detector
Technical sheet
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/ Use

The ULD-40 accurately pinpoints and identifies corona effects and arcs that may be encountered on any type of high voltage installation simply by scanning around the suspected area.

/ Technical specifications

Display : 7-segment display in relative dB-mode

Display Range : 90 dB

Sensor : Built-in with 5 degrees conical directivity

Audio : Integrated Speaker & Audio output for headset or PC recording

Centre Frequency : 40 KHz

Bandwidth : 38 kHz-48 kHz

Detection : Detects 0.127 mm dia. leak at 5 psi at a distance of 8m

Battery : Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Delivered with case, battery charger and product manual.


The ULD-40 enables making remote acoustic inspections with great accuracy. The equipment is user friendly and does not necessitate any training whatsoever. One of the advantages of the ULD-40 is that it works just as well in noisy environments.