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2-Wire Loop Impedance Testers
Technical sheet
/ Standards
IEC 61010-1 300 V CATI V / EN 61557
/ Use

Instruments have two wire earth loop testers verify the loop impedance of a live electrical circuit, ie without the need to disconnect the electrical supply. Can be used on a wide range of voltages.

/ Technical specifications

Contents :

- 2 Wire Non-tripping loop tester

- 50 V to 440 V operation

- 110 V centre-tap loop testing

- CATIV installation testing

- AUTO start - operation

- 0.01 Ω resolution

- Operation 0.001 Ω resolution (LTW425)

- 3 Year warranty

Delivered in a hard carrying case with BS1363 to 3 x 4 mm socket leadset, wire leadset with croc clips, Schuko plug test lead -EU-SC, AU/NZ plug test lead -EU-AU and user CD.