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MIT515 - MIT525 - MIT1025
5 and 10 kV DC Insulation Resistance Testers
Technical sheet
/ Standards
IEC 61010-1, CAT IV 600 V
/ Use

The Insulation Resistance (IR) test is a qualitative test that indicates the effectiveness of a product's electrical insulation.

Applications include cables, transformers, motors/generators, circuit breakers and bushings.

The IR test is ideal for measuring and recording long term stability of insulation over time, a process known as trending.

IR tests are temperature dependent and require adjustment to a reference temperature.

Storage models offer a temperature recording option.

/ Technical specifications

- Measure up to 10 TΩ (5 kV) / 20 TΩ (10 kV) max. insulation resistance

- Timed IR plus PI and DAR diagnostic tests

- Operate with dead battery when on line power/mains

- Rapid charge Li-ion battery - up to 6 hrs continuous testing (5 kV)

- Dedicated voltmeter function (30 V to 660 V)

- CATIV 600 V safety rating

- Large LCD display with automatic backlight

- Noise filter - rejects up to 3 mA noise

- High altitude operation up to 3000 m

MIT525/1025 Additional features

- Dielectric Discharge (DD), Step Voltage (SV) and ramp test functions

- Advanced memory with time/date stamp, on screen recall

- Real time clock

- Download of memory via isolated USB (type B) interface (USB cable to PC)

- PowerDB Lite asset management software

Included accessories:

User guide CD, Power lead, 3 m leadset x 3, medium insulated clips, 3 m leadset x 3, large insulated clips (MIT1025 only).

USB cable and PowerDB Lite software (MIT525 and MIT1025 only).

Dimensions : 315 x 285 x 181 mm

Weight : 4,5 kg


- Improved productivity - operate from line power/mains if battery dead

- Li ion battery - extended capacity, rapid charge

- Advanced memory with time/date stamp

Product reference Description Gamme de l'affichage numérique Tension de test Technical sheet Quantity
MIT1025 Contrôleur d'isolement 10 kV 10 kΩ to 20 TΩ 250V to 10 000V
Pulse 32 Darkbg
MIT515 Contrôleur d'isolement 5 kV 10 kΩ to 10 TΩ 250V to 5000V
Pulse 32 Darkbg
MIT525 Contrôleur d'isolement 5 kV 10 kΩ to 10 TΩ 250V to 5000V
Pulse 32 Darkbg