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Overhead cable height and clearance meter / ultrasonic range finder
Technical sheet
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/ Use

The SUP600 and SUP600E cable height meters (CHMs) are high technology devices (using ultrasound signals) which enable you to measure, at the simple press of a button, without contact and remotely from the ground, the height of the lowest cable and the vertical distances between up to 6 power lines.

It enables you to measure the height, sag and clearance between overhead lines. The ultrasonic range finder is a safer replacement for measuring sticks. It does not come into contact with the cables, guarantees fast, accurate measurement of the height and the minimum distances between cables from the ground

/ Technical specifications

- Very accurate : 99%.

- Measures heights up to 23 m.

- Measures the distances between up to 6 cables. Min. clearance 150 mm.

- Measures distances from other objects (e.g.: posts, walls… up to 23 m).

- Operating temperature : -10℃ to +40℃.

- Automatic temperature compensation between -10°C and +40°C.

- Permanent temperature display.

- Metric or imperial measurements.

- Power supply : 6LR 61 9V alkaline battery.

- Battery replacement warning at 6 V.

- Consumption < 4 mA

- Theoretical battery life : 50,000 measurements.

- Automatically switches off after 3 minutes.

- Built-in calibration checking.

- Latest microprocessor technology.

- Manufactured under permanent ISO 9001 quality control.

- Comes in an imitation leather case with carry strap

Range (25mm cable min) : 3-15 m (SUP600) and 3-23 m (SUP600E)

Range (12mm cable min) : 3-15 m (SUP600 and SUP600E)

Range (5.5mm cable min) : 3-12 m (SUP600 only)

Range (2.5mm cable min) : 3-10 m (SUP600 only)


Lightweight and easy to use.

Requires only one operator, with no special skills.

Saves time: immediate measurement and displaying of the result.

Can take up to 6 measurements at the same time.