Pulling, Unwinding, lifting
Pulling, Unwinding, lifting > P15-2
Lug All cable ratchet winch hoist
Technical sheet
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/ Use
These hoists are used for lifting and pulling operations. They can operate in any position or situation.
Applications: Lifting - pulling - moving - lowering - clamping and tensioning.
/ Technical specifications

Highly flexible cable with anti-corrosion treatment.

Hoist body in light aluminium alloy and anticorrosion.

Forged steel hooks with safety latch and free 360 rotation.

Shell block sheave lifting hook that enables to double the force.

Double ratchet system to secure holding in position.

The load lowering is done tooth by tooth.


• A range of ultraportable hoists for all building or repairing operations, particularly suitable for work at height.

• 3 hooks system that allows to work in any position.

• Approved as a lifting device.

• Handle lever is reversible and design as a fuse to prevent overloads.