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Pulley with revolving flange opening for steel cables
Technical sheet
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Slow pulling or handling and cable tensioning operations, for which the pullies are often repositioned and must be both highly resistant and extremely light, with minimum winding ratios, such as R = 5 or 6.3, since the sheaves have a low turning rate.

Lifting at speeds or frequencies that vary according to winding ratios and ISO/FEM use groups.

Pulling or tensioning operations with overloads of up to 60 % of the maximum vertical static load (WLL) for lifting operations are permissible in situations where no shock occurs when the load does not leave the ground.


Pulley with unique advantages :

- lightweight : use of "HR" steel with good anti-aging properties and resistance to cold temperatures,

- does not unhook: the apparatus opens by releasing the locked shaft and turning the plate on the sheave shaft,

- interchangeable hanging parts: alloy hook with pawl or swivel and "HR" shackle or shaft and fixed socket centred for hooking,

- for oblique returns:the "cable guide" sheave groove is designed for 6 x 36-180 kg/mm2 cables,

- does not wear out: the hub of the bronze banded sheave, fitted with a lubricating unit, is mounted on a tempered, case-hardened shaft,

- permanent lubrication: sheave on sealed bearings,

- bichromate finish.

Product reference Dimensions (mm) Poids (kg) CMU (t) Ø du câble Description Ø à fond de gorge Technical sheet Quantity
P2221 262 x 82 2,7 2 9-10 mm Poulie ouvrante par flasque tournante pour câbles acier Ø 9 mm 60 mm
Pulse 32 Darkbg
P2222 367 x 120 8 5 12-14 mm Poulie ouvrante par flasque tournante pour câbles acier Ø 14 mm 90 mm
Pulse 32 Darkbg