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TC12 14
Positioning foot-rest for concrete poles
Technical sheet
/ Use

Foot-rest for positioning a climber on a concrete pole, with standardised holes, no wider than 340 mm at the usage point.

/ Technical specifications


- Ø 14 mm steel rod with a ribbed metal stirrup at one end and holes for adjusting the mobile stirrup at the other end,

- mobile stirrup with a tube in the lower part for positioning it on the support rod; it is held by a spring pin placed on the side, which fits into one of the rod adjusting holes depending on the spacing required.

The two parts above are made integral with each other by a chain that keeps them from falling separately. For effective immobilisation with the holes made in the concrete pole, each of the two stirrups has a pin placed laterally, its centre being 70 mm away from the centre of the support rod.

Safe load : 150 kg.