Ladder > TE18AUD 3M
Insulating combination ladder with 2 or 3 sections
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
EN 131-1 / EN 131-2 / EN 50528
/ Use

Ladder for live working below 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC.

/ Technical specifications

The uprights are made of pultruded composite material, made up of fibreglass in a polyester matrix.

The material offers high mechanical performance.

A fibreglass surface finish makes them more efficient and improves UV resistance.

In addition to its insulation qualities, the material is non-rotting and lightweight for user convenience.

Ribbed anti-slip aluminium rungs, tri-oval shape, inclined to have an horizontal foot position.

Anatomic 250 mm distance between rungs making it possible to support the knee and make work safer and more comfortable.

The rungs and uprights are repairable thanks to a patented assembly system (repairs in factory).

Anti-slip rubber feet with a section equal to the uprights (avoids wrenching off).


Rugged and reliable construction.

The rungs and uprights are repairable.

V-shaped stabiliser to avoid obstacles on the ground.

New tri-oval shape rungs.