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Disconnected cable and phase vocal identifier, network map checker
Technical sheet
/ Standards
Specific design complying with current safety regulations related to operation and access to electrical de-energized networks and installations.
/ Use

• This cable identifier is designed to work on a 3 phase de-energized cable short-circuited and earthed at both ends.

• This cable identifier is in line with the safety procedure called «SECURE IDENTIFICATION » and for this provides:

- Cable identification between its ends, in a trench among other cables energized or not, before spiking and cutting

- Checking of continuity between two ends of this cable before and after cutting on both sides of the cut.

• Positive identification of the 3 phase conductors of this cable before and after cutting on both sides of the cut.

/ Technical specifications

Convenient for :

- Paper-lead or dry cables, steel armored cables up to 10km

- Overhead and underground.

Availability :

- The transmitter can operate on battery or mains supply.

- Battery charging automatically stops when fully charged.

- Device packaged in 3 separate robust plastic-coated foamed bags.

- Carrying in a watertight wheeled yellow case.


Designed to fulfil latest safety procedure for working on disconnected cables earthed on both ends, including the « secure ID ».

Signal confined in conductors to avoid signal on screen and earthing circuits, for secure ID on any type of Energy Cables.

All necessary information available in time without commuting or removing the protections.

Seamless operation from earthing to service restoration.

New probe “Pointer” that pin point accurately the right cable whatever the type of cable (XLPE, Paper lead, Steel armoured..)

Phase ID on BOTH sides of the cable cut with transmitter A & B recognition (voice message and/or digital acknowledgement.

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