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True Phase Identification System (GPS)
Technical sheet
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/ Use

- The Field Unit allows the user to positively identify the phases on any area of an overhead or underground network, no matter the physical distance separating it from the Reference Unit.

- FREEDOM, HANDS FREE: The PHANTOM wireless Display Unit can be strapped on the arm of the operator so that the readings are always in sight without obstructing the view for maneuvers with the hotstick. Acquired data saving is done at a touch of a button.

- HIGH PERFORMANCE: Phase measurements are quickly taken in real time as the wireless phase display module is fast and responsive. Live measurements are made by comparing readings from the reference Unit installed on a known phase A. The PHANTOM time reference relies on precise GPS satellite signal for flawless accuracy. Considering fleet deployment? No problem; a limitless number of Field Units can synchronize measurements with a single Reference Unit!

- UNDERGROUND PHASING: Using the PHANTOM in underground facilities or inside concrete buildings is easily achieved even in case of cellular and/or GPS network loss. The measurements are normally taken, and the results will show up when the PHANTOM is back to communication link.

/ Technical specifications

• PHANTOM Reference Unit :

- Two reference inputs (CAT-III 600V, CAT-IV 300V)

- Automatic switching of the reference inputs

- Ethernet port

- Power input (85VAC to 264VAC)

- 50/60Hz

• PHANTOM Measurement Module :

- 4 AA Batteries

- Autonomy: 30 hours of continuous phasing

- CAT-III 1000V / CAT-IV 600V low voltage phasing direct contact

- Up to 72 kV medium voltage direct contact using hotstick

- Non-contact up to 800kV

- Connectible to all universal hotstick

- Capacitive test port input

- Switchgear half rectified voltage indicator port measurements

- IP-67 rating

- 50/60Hz

• PHANTOM Display Unit :

- Colour touch screen

- Local phase compensation

- Digital results (numbers & graphs)

- Saving and export capabilities

- IP-68 rugged device

- Connectivity to the server using WIFI, 4G or HotSpot

- Wireless connection (Bluetooth) to the Measurement Module up to 30 meters


• True phasing for all applications at any voltage

• Live true phasing

• Phasing resolution of ± 1°

• GPS satellite network synchronization

• Fast setup, ready to operate in seconds

• Technologue satellite GPS précise

• No network de-energisation required

• All-day battery life

• Encrypted and robust communication technology

• 60 minutes underground time-delayed phase identification mode

• Capability to phase without connection to server using the defered mode

• Cloud based deployment