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Phase tester for LV network
Technical sheet
/ Standards
1000V CAT IV - IP65
/ Use

UNITAG is a unipolar detector designed to test the presence of phase on insulated or bare LV conductors.

The level of detection is indicated by a LED bargraph and a beeping sound which speed increases as device approaches a live source.

It is commonly used for detecting stray voltage on poles and cross arms, conductor disconnection on overhead insulated LV conductors….

UNITAG will not replace a standard “proving dead” device but is an ideal complement to bipolar LV detector.

/ Technical specifications

• AC system

• AC mains frequency : 50-60 Hz

• Field of use : from 50V up to 1000V

• Detection by direct contact at 50V

• CAT IV 1000V

• IP65

• Temperature : - 15 ° C to +45 ° C

• 2 x LR03 1.5 volt alkaline (AAA)

• Delivered with soft bag suitable for belt fixing


• Sound and light alert on voltage presence.

• UNITAG 1000V for using on networks.

• Can be used by hands or on insulating stick.

• Indication of detection level.

• Tip length designed for access to LV panel and test point.

• Audible beeping speed proportional to the level of detection.

• Visual indication of level of detection on a bright LED bar graph.

• Automatic self-test when switched on with green LED indication.

• Multi purpose detector : street light, insulating twisted cables, rescue team, fire fighters...

Product reference Weight (g) Weight (g) - 11392 Dimensions (mm) Désignation Type of use - null Type d'utilisation Technical sheet
CPUNITAGU - 50 241 x 67 x 51 Stick universal interface Stick universal interface -
UNITAGHFE - 160 227 x 45 x 37 Phase tester for LV network Hand-held -
UNITAGUFE - 210 241 x 67 x 51 Phase tester for LV network Hand-held + stick interface -
UNITAGUFX 710 - 1100 x 67 x 51 - - A la main + adaptateur perche + perche télescopique