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Individual voltage alarm with headlamp
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
Complying with EC European Directives EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-4
/ Use

ALADIN is a personal electric field detector combined with a professional headlamp.

It provides the wearer with an audible safety alarm if a high AC voltage level occurs. This makes it possible to manage unintentional proximity to live facilities by alerting the operator to the danger.

The frequency of the audible alarm increases as the detected electric field increases.

ALADIN features an exclusive Smart Mute function which is an intelligent alarm :

The audible alarm alerts the operator as soon as he is close to a voltage source.

On arrival at the work place in the vicinity of live installations, a personalized definition of the voltage that triggers reactivation of the smart alarm may be obtained by pressing the Smart Mute button. The alarm remains on alert as long as its readings are below this level and as soon as the measured voltage is higher than the defined level, the user is warned. The closer one is to the voltage source, the shorter the reactivation distance will be.

ALADIN is suitable for outside and indoor electrical equipment.

/ Technical specifications

Electric field detector :

Detector operating range: 2 kV to 400 kVReference detection distance: ≈ 2 metres from a conductor located at a height of 1.5m at a voltage of 1 kV (live-earth)Detects the electric field level but does not measure the distance.The higher the voltage, the greater the distance at which it may be detected.Detection of a 50Hz and 60Hz electric field at 360° around the wearer

Autonomy : up to 80 h

Dual beam LED headlamp :

2 light beams : long range beam and broad beam (with 3 intensities)

Light intensity : from 20 lumens to 140 lumens

Lighting distance : up to 20/30 m

Autonomy : up to 50 h (with active detection)

IP65 protection : protection against dust and water splashes

Power supply : Lithium Polymer battery, rechargeable using a micro USB cable.

ALADIN is supplied in a cardboard box with a universalcharger and micro USB cable, interface for fitting to a helmet, an elasticated band and four hooks, a reinforced protective case and users' instructions.


• 360° detection around the wearer : The ideal position of the detector on top of the protective helmets makes detection of an electric field equally effective, whether it is located in front of or behind the wearer.

• Smart Mute exclusive feature: smart alarm

• Wide voltage range from 2 kV to 400 kV

• Integrated professional dual-beam LED headlamp

• Compact and lightweight