Electrical detection
Electrical detection > 200BC0615H
Voltage Detector for voltage capacitive test points.
Technical sheet
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/ Use

Device designed to test for the absence of voltage on the capacitor terminals of the MV plug-in terminals on electrical installations from 10 kV to 30 kV.

/ Technical specifications

- Insulated right-angled electrode designed for manoeuvring the insulating cap on capacitor terminals.

- Yellow polycarbonate casing.

- Network frequency : 50-60 Hz.

- Validation of self-test and standby mode indicated by a green light.

- Battery level check function.

- Indication of the presence of voltage by a red LED and an audible warning.

- Operating temperature : -20 to +50 °C.

- Power supply : 9V alkaline battery, IEC type 6LR61.

Supplied in a soft case (product reference for the soft case only: SBH700)

Telescopic insulating sick recommended : TR275U

Folded length : 1.10 m / 36 kV (excl. precipitation), extended length : 2.00 m / 90 kV (excl. precipitation).

Comes with a cover (ref. of cover alone: SBH700)


Meets the requirements of the general electric safety instructions booklet NFC 18-510 and the Operation of electrical installations standard NF EN 50110-1.