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High Voltage DC detector
Technical sheet
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/ Use

Single-pole Voltage Detector for Direct Current, HVDC is designed to check absence or presence of nominal voltage on high voltage Direct Current, DC, installations, both in switchgear and on lines.

/ Technical specifications

The detector is for indoor and outdoor use, operating temperature -25°C - +55°C

The tester is powered with four, 1.5 V alkaline batteries.

The unit is delivered with instruction manual, adapter for operating poles and carrying box.

The detector will go back to stand by after 90s.

The detector is rejecting AC current.

The detector makes “self check” : it will not give the green OK indication in case of defective unit or low battery level.

Length 350 mm


• Unipolar detector adapted to HV DC network.

• For “Proving dead” on HV DC lines with permanent standby mode (no on/off switch).

• Light and compact unit.

• Positive indication of voltage presence and built-in self-check.

• Voltage range up to 800 kV.