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DC Bipolar voltage detectors, range 500 / 3.600 V DC
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
Designed according to IEC 61243-2
/ Use

These devices are used for No-Voltage Testing of direct current overhead lines (mainly transport overhead lines : trams, metro, trains).

Certain models in this range also indicate the presence of voltage due to residual electric charges (DC) and the presence of AC voltages (induced or actual).

/ Technical specifications

Voltage range: 400-3600V DC

Audible and visual indication of the presence of voltage (red LEDs)

The current passing through the detector cable is always lower than the standardised danger threshold (3.5 mA).

Designed to resist temporary overvoltages up to 36 kV.

DC36 simplified model: Simple DC voltage detection from 500V to 3600V.

DC3600BP detector: complete detector able to indicate:

- detection of DC voltages (red LEDs) from 500V to 3600V

- presence of residual DC voltages while discharging (audible signal and orange LEDs)

- presence of actual or induced AC voltages (blue LED)

- overvoltage alarm


• Instant detection of residual DC voltage (measure the unloading of the line)

• Detection of actual and induced AC voltage (presence or absence of voltage).

• Detection of DC voltage (presence or absence of voltage).

• Warning excess voltage range (> 4000V) visual and continues sound indication.

• Current limitation in the cable below <3.5 mA.

• Surge resistant up to 36 kV

• Indication of the voltage level on the AC or DC receiver (± 3 %)

• Robust shell with flexible adapter coupling (AFLEX).

• Full auto control with self test button (cable is also tested)

• Dedicated display for each function => clear information