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Live working boots with insulating soles
Technical sheet
/ Standards
EN ISO 20345 : 2011 / Marking SBP E WR FO
/ Use
Safety boots with insulating soles for live working, protection against step voltage in dry conditions.

/ Technical specifications

Sole :

Norwegian stitch : sturdy and waterproof shoes

Nitrile sole resistant to hydrocarbons with cleats

Dielectric rubber mid sole, thickness : 2,5 mm

Dielectric resistance of the insole : up to 10 kV

leather half insoles

Upper :

Water repellant full leather, thickness : 2,5 / 2,7 mm

Leather inner lining, thickness : 1 / 1,2 mm

Quilted fold-down collar

Leather inner mid sole

Rustproof eyelets

Steel toecap 200 joules with protective foam

Stainless steel anti-puncture mid sole


• Very sturdy and comfortable

• Made in France

• Individually tested regarding the Technical Specification HTA70A from EDF, but up to 10kV instead of 6kV