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Individual voltage warning
Technical sheet
/ Standards
Complying with European Directives CE EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
/ Use

• ODIN is designed to provide extra safety level for workers operating near energized equipment (during maintenance, rescue operations, painting, pruning,…) in electrical environment.
• This device is a personal voltage alarm.
Do not replace safety procedure.

• Example of situation where ODIN provided an efficient warning.

- Misunderstanding: the operator approach the wrong spot

- Voltage unexpected return. Mistake during an operation ondisconnected network.- Involuntary approach: Quick move in direction of energized areaduring operation

- Diversion: the operator is diverted by a bad news or urgency andmoves toward a high potential energized conductor unconsciously.

In all these situations and many others ODIN will provide the ultimateWARNING.

/ Technical specifications

• 360°detection of electric field 50 & 60 Hz around the worker.

• Convenient for outdoor and indoor electrical systems

• Detects the level of electric field. It does not measure the distance of the source of the electric field

• Higher is the voltage, bigger is the distance of detection.

• It may even detect low voltage near wall outlet.

• Range of use up to 400 kV environments

• Battery capacity 2000mAh

• Temperature: -25°+55°C•Humidity: up to 96 %.


• Sound alert of voltage proximity which rhythm increases up on the levelof electric field detected.

• The “smart mute” is a Dynamic Voltage Detection :

− it is used to silence the warning sound once at working place, the deviceis remaining in vigilance and still measuring the electric field.

− The warning sound will automatically restart in case of increase of thelevel of detected electric field (closer or sudden presence of voltage).

− Acts as an additional fencing which can be set at the working place.

• The device can be fixed on helmets or hard hats by various means. In thisposition, the device will detect 360°around the operator.

• No influence of the electromagnetic fields.

• Light and compact device.

• Rechargeable by standard micro USB 5 V plug.

Product reference Application Conditionnement Plage de tension Technical sheet Quantity
ODINCEFC Situations de travail diverses Boîte : Housse de protection & plusieurs pads de fixation (x 3) 2-400 kV
Pulse 32 Darkbg
ODINMVOHCEFC Pour lignes aériennes MT 10-69 kV , uniquement pour travaux depuis une nacelle Cardboard box: includes Soft bag, pad interface 10-69 kV
Pulse 32 Darkbg
ODINHVCEFC Travaux en environnement postes source Boîte : Housse de protection & plusieurs pads de fixation (x 3) 50-400 kV
Pulse 32 Darkbg