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Wireless phase comparator
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
Complying to European Directives and CE marking
/ Use

Wireless phase comparator for three phase network with nominal voltages from 4 kV up to 36 kV - 50Hz or 60Hz (to be specified).

Shall be used with two insulating sticks (not included) complying with the nominal voltage and having universal adaptors.

/ Technical specifications

(T5KSGB04036 (H5/H6))

Transmitter : grey housing 210 mm - Ø 90 mm - 0.5kg

Indicates the voltage presence with both visual and acoustic indications, then start to send the phase information to the receiver

Receiver : blue housing 210mm - Ø 90mm - 0.5kg

Indicates the voltage presence, and indicates “in phase” relationship with both visual and acoustic indications

Built-in testing element simulating all the functions including out-of-phase conditions

HF radio transmission operating at 433.9 MHz

Distance range in free air 25 m minimum

In-door / Out-door and All weather use

Powered by two alkaline 9 V batteries

Approx. weight of each electrode extensions : 0.90 kg

Insertion depth Ai = 260 mm

Extension length Lu = 423 mm

Carrying case with a set of contact electrodes (hooks, straight and

V-shaped) and a silicon cloth

Approx. dimensions of the case : 755 x 205 x 100 mm

Approx. weight of the complete device : 4.40 kg


• Safety due to wireless link : no hazard due to poor cable insulation

• Indoor use up to 36kV with probe extension).

• Overhead line units compact and light

• Positive indication of “in phase” condition

• 25 m radio range

• Phasing through walls

• Voltage range up to 500kV