Ladder > TE33AUD
Aluminium ladder with working platform
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
EN 131-7
/ Use

Ladder designed for work on poles or walls.

The work platform allows long-term work in maximum comfort and safety.

/ Technical specifications

Rapid work platform locking.

Patented platform opening/closing system.

Folding pole support (to be defined depending on use), 300 / 400 / 500 mm long

Lockable pole strut for effective holding on all types of pole.

Cleats integrated into the uprights.

The ladder is supplied with :

- a stability kit : X-shaped extra legs

- a pole support straddle with pair of wheels

- a pole strut and cleats.


• Ergonomics : ergonomic work platform with all regulatory guards: railing, hand rail, under rail, base plate, anti-slip floor etc.

• Weight : portable equipment that uses materials that are both rugged and lightweight.

• Setting up : may be put into use within 3 minutes; it is physically compact to make handling and extension on site easier.

• Stability : innovative and intelligent equipment that can adapt to every terrain (slopes, inclinations up to 1 m).