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Full case 50 mm² to 240 mm² Improved Mechanical Protection for Burying
Technical sheet
/ Standards
Compatible with C33-226, UTE C33-223, NF C 33-223, HN33S23
/ Use

CPV-ZA4 case enables the user to prepare entirely cables from 50 to 240 mm² with Improved Mechanical Protection for Burying.

/ Technical specifications

CPV-ZA4 case contains the following tools:

- OGEDR : Opening of the protective oversheath surrounding the 3 phases

- MF2/60 : Cutting of the protective oversheath surrounding a phase, outer sheath and insulation cut

- MF1+/25 : Non peelable semiconductor removal

- SR : For MF1+/25 tool, straight incision onto the peelable semiconductor.

- SCH : For MF1+/25 tool, to perform a chamfer at the end of the insulation

- ALROC-FENTE : To perform splits on outer sheath

- ROTO-TMG : To maintain mechanical fitting connector and lugs

- GFE-TMG : For ROTO-TMG tool, tightening of the sheath and bending the sector-shaped conductor

- K7/GRATT : For ROTO-TMG tool, abrasion of the outer sheath

- EV/NPT : Spreading the sheath

- P115 : To fix collars


Everything to strip the protective oversheath regardless the manufacturer.