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Self maintenance kit
Technical sheet
/ Standards
Compatible with C33-226, UTE C33-223, NF C 33-223, HN33S23.
/ Use

CKM-HTA maintenance kit enables the user to change on site all the spare parts of the tool cases CNPT/240-2, CNPT/240-1-SCNP, CNPT/240-1-MV, CNPT/630-2, CNPT/630-1-SCNP, CNPT/630-1-MV.

/ Technical specifications

CKM-HTA kit contains the following products :

- LRTT x5 : Blade for sheath scratching (RTT2)

- LMF2 : Blade for sheath and insulation(MF3/40, MF3/60, MF2/40, MF2/60)

- LFE : Blade for splits on outer sheath (FENTECRAN/40, FENTECRAN/60))

- LS : Blade for incision of semiconductor (SR)

- kit MF3/40 : Wear pads (MF3/40, MF3/60, MF2/40, MF2/60)

- C-RTT : Tool for disassembly/reassembly of LRTT blades

- 3 mm Allen wrench

- C-SR : Wrench for SR stylus


Contains the spanners and tools for the disassembly / reassembly of spare parts.